Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today I wore a rainbow

I've posted this dress before. It's the orange (and pink?) in my rainbow.
And the green
And the red, blue and purple
Oops, chipped nailpolish.
And finally YELLOW!
I love my new iphone and the instagram app was made for me, I swear.
In my bag
So many of the things in my bag I acquired through blogging! (Everything not from a store)
Sunglasses- H&M
Mirror and green pouch - tacky souvenir swap
Notebook - penpal in Germany
Wallet - H&M
Hunger Games keychain - Coles
Converse Sneaker keychain - Claire's
Make-up bag/Guitar pouch - Dollarama
iphone 3GS
glasses sleeve - Camp theme swap
Deer pouch - The Dainty Squid
Lip balm - Sandisolis
In the garden

And finally, Mila tries out my new photo booth staches!
These mustache patterns are available at
You just buy stiff felt from Michael's and cut them out!


Lisa said...

love the green sandals!

Katie said...

who knew that you could wear red with green?! not i... but you definitely pulled it off. beautiful!

cuppy said...

I have to tell you a secret ...

Come closer ....




Teddi said...

you look great in that dress! :) i want those shoes in my size. i like every single one of these photos!