Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project Post

For my 5th birthday, my Great Aunt Doris and my Grandfather decided to make me a dollhouse. It was white with green trim. I loved it so much. When I was in High School, I decided the roof (which has never been painted) need a paint job and so I may as well paint the whole exterior. Being as I didn't put any thought into this decision, I used acrylic paint. The problem being, my relatives had used GLOSSY paint. Conclusion: Streaky, embarrasing mess.

It didn't matter how many coats I layered on. I wish this photo would let you see how truly awful it really was. Anyway, I hide the house away for many years always planning to fix it.
Finally!!!!! Two days ago I dragged it out of the basement and touched it up. Now, it still isn't perfect..... but it's certainly better.
Now that it's painted, I put it back in the basement. I really hope one day I will have a little girl to pass it on to. If not, I have a fun piece of folkart!


Teddi said...

very pretty doll house improvement! don't ya wish you could live inside it for real?

TiasaurausRex said...

That is soo cute! you are really artistic! haha I'd like to live in that.
I really like your blog! its fun to look at :]

We should follow each other!

Katie said...

how cute!