Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peace baby

Available here
Available here

My three latest treasuries include some of these lovely, peaceful items.

Somedays I wish people actually believed in Peace. Yes, obviously they believe in Peace not War, things like that. But sometimes, I think it could be something as small as holding your tongue even if you think you're right. I'm not saying confrontation is BAD, because it's necessary. It just seems so often these days CONFRONTATION is linked to truth, individuality, strength. I think sometimes letting other people express their opinions and not getting upset and starting a fight can take just as much strength. Give peace a chance on a small scale, and maybe one day peace and love will pave the way for greater Peace. You don't have to be in someone's face all the time.

Disclaimer: This post is not for ANYBODY in blog world, or even in my personal life :) It's just something I've been thinking about for myself, for quite a while.

Love you!


With Love, Jamie said...

Aww my necklace made your list! :) :)
I totally believe in peace!!!
xo, Jamie

Teddi said...

it's definitely for me! my heart, & soul is all in it. from the girl who was started signing her name with peace & love in 9th grade. when she had a peace poster above her bed. she's been wearing peace earrings, & necklaces ever since.