Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home decor for the day

Look at this gorgeous home!
I'm a tad speechless actually. It's so magical, although admittedly, very impractical with all that white. For this moment though, I can dream.
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 Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a terrarium like this! Even if my house doesn't look like the above image, I will definitely make sure to fill it with pretty miniature gardens.
This is probably a little safer for me... I love layering, and soft looking beds.

So, items to help create either of these looks?
Not exactly a chandelier, but this lamp is made out of recycled water bottles. I don't know how that works...but apparently it does.
Ikea offers the modern style chandelier and I think it uses real candles...
Why can I only find scary chandeliers?

See how this cushions are double-sided? I was going to blog about the ingenius-ness of two-sided pillows or creating multiple looks (ingeniusness because it's what I do, of course ;))
I didn't sew the pillow cover for the small robot pillow. That was made by my Happy Mail swap partner last summer.

My iphone came today!!!!! :)


Teddi said...

great pillows! two sided? i really like that idea. the floral bed set up, recycled bottle chandelier, & course the pillows are my fave!

Ngaio May said...

The top photo has been saved to my computer for such a long time, one day I hope to have a cute lofty thing like that!! It is so dreamy!!

Ngaio May xx