Friday, August 26, 2011

Home decor for the day - quirky bathroom touches

I really love this one, especially the clean but fun colours.
This is the look I would design. I love green and white and that bunting adds a welcoming feel. Although who would have thought of a bathroom as welcoming?

This bathroom is definitely colourful!
Available here
Isn't this a great idea? Especially if you have little ones!
Available here
Isn't this so funny? I really want it.
Available here
Map drawer handles! How cute is that?
As a random note, if you're ever looking for drawer handles, etsy has a huge variety of fun, pretty, interesting ones.
Available here
Also tons of great (and/or seriously creepy) shower curtains!
Happy shopping loves :)


Erin said...

those drawer handles are PRECIOUS! I absolutely love anything with maps and globes on them. In my dream home, an accent wall of my living room will be wallpapered in a huge map of the world.

jeanne evans said...

The first one would be a nice touch if our backyard in the trails apartments sparks nv is a little bigger than it is now.