Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fashion Friday on Sunday yet again

This has been an AMAZING mail week. I got packages from Ruche, Sick for Cute and My Paper Crane. I also went shopping a few times, and bought three pairs of Blowfish Shoes. Wow, new stuff overload. I was pretty depleted though, clearly. Anyway, I want to share everything, although probably not the shoes... so bear with me!
Outfits 1 and 2... unfortunately, you can't see the details! So here they are...
Blythe shirt and sprinkles necklace from Sick For Cute
Braceletts from Sick for Cute
Double Ring and Sunglasses from Ruche

I also spent time with my pretend little sister, Jennah. Look what she did to my hair!
Jennah, I <3 You!
I was going to post one more outfit, but I think I will save it for later. This post is tooooo long!
One last thing though, look what Jennah painted on her window. It's not quite finished, but I loved it so I had to photograph it.  

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Teddi said...

your pretend sister jenna is very artistic. i like what she did with your hair. it looks cute in all 3 hairstyles. i would have missed outfit details, if you hadn't showed them. purple sparkly sunglasses booyah. those fingernails are gorgeous! they match the ring perfectly.