Monday, August 1, 2011

Fashion Friday on Monday - Sundresses

Look 1
Look 2

I bought this sundress at H&M last year. It was cheap and I liked the pattern. My favourite part about sundresses is how easy it is to dress them up, or make them casual. Just add a t-shirt!
The tshirt and chunky necklace are both from H&M as well. The necklace is fairly heavy so I don't wear it often. I seriously need to get my bangs trimmed too. They started poking me in the eyes!



Isabella Kiss said...

I love layering over dresses with teeshirts. gives the dress a whole new look. lately Ive been putting tees over my maxi dresses and tieing the shirt up in a knot so it is really short. fun stuff.

Marla Rae Morrison said...

Great dress! I love the way it looks with a tshirt! And you are just gorgeous in that last photo!

Teddi said...

somebody's got style