Monday, August 15, 2011

Duck Tales -Please join in

So I went camping for a few days in the absolutely gorgeous Algonquin Park. Unfortunately, there are no showers so you have to find inventive ways to wash your hair, but that's not the point at the moment.

Frog and Toad are the point.

(The names are more a reference to the Russell Brand movie Arthur than the beloved children's books, but the books work too.)

Frog and Toad dream of being models and world travellers. I started them off, photographing them in Algonquin Park, but they would really love to see other places outside of Canada (or inside Canada).

Frog and myself, setting off into the wilderness.

Here's where you come in. Would you be willing to show Frog and Toad your part of the world? You snap a few pictures, post them to your blog or in the flickr group I have yet to create, and let Frog and Toad fulfill their dreams. (Everyone should have a chance to fulfill their dreams after all). I think I will even buy a large wall map and chart their journies for them, if I can get enough people to participate. If you're interested.... please leave your email address in my comments and I will email you asap for your contact information. OR, email me at

Frog and Toad take on Lake Kioshkokwi
Claiming a cot
Spying on the neighbours!!!
Chillaxin' at the Lake
Frog on the boat. Toad was too scared to come out of my camera bag. Frog scooted back in after being attacked by a large dragon fly.
Frog and Toad did not come geocaching or hiking with me, (Mostly because I forgot them at the campsite).
They did, however, come to North Bay with me.
Here they are with their new friend Buttercheeks (She came with the name. I had nothing to do with it other than mocking it)
Buttercheeks was more interested in the freshly baked Buttertarts. Playdate over.


Ngaio May said...

I live in New Zealand!! If your ducks are prepared to migrate this far then I would love to let them stay for a while :)

My email is

Teddi said...

here's my frog & toad blog post.