Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Since I started making jewelry of my own, following talented jewelry making blogs and loving etsy, I have accumulated more jewelry than I ever would have imagined. I still am not partial to REAL jewelry (gold necklaces, diamond rings) but I love the fun, funky stuff that adds to every single piece of clothing in the world.

As a result, I'm looking for new ways to store my accessories. My necklaces currently hang under my scarves on hooks in the closet. My rings, braceletts, headbands are stashed in small storage boxes. As a result, I buy or make the jewelry, wear it once or twice and then promptly forget I own it.
These pictures feature my three most popular jewelry stashing places.
Anyway, as I mentioned already, browsing pictures on lately, I keep seeing jewelry used as wall art.
So I've been looking for some good diy for hanging jewelry as Art!
This is the one I've decided to start with (I think)
The complete diy for this project can be found here
It's just a cork board, covered with fabric, accented with ribbon. The hooks are furniture pins or even thumb tacks. I think I will opt for a different colour fabric, but it seems like a temporary practical solution to my jewelry problems. I will let you know how it turns out. What do you use? Do you have any good links?


Katie said...

i love that first one! But, I'm too short, so I know that it my jewlery would never get used. I've been thinking about making some type of board to use, but I'm not sure.

Teddi said...

it's all shown here

i don't know if you saw it already?

With Love, Jamie said...

Love love love love love!! :)