Sunday, July 10, 2011


Vanity Tables that is.
I was searching for some pretty photo inspirations for jewellry photographs. Nothing interesting came up, so I ended up searching vanity tables instead. Definitely a thing of the past, associated with women in the 1940s and much further back.

Here are some pretty images, in case you decide you want to bring them back in vogue.
Found here
This one looks so dreamy. Found here
This appears to be more of a craft area, but that's okay. A craft table that looks like a vanity is okay in my books! Found here
Lovely or creepy? I'm afraid of this much pink/light blue and also doll heads in general. Found here.

Now this I love, but there is nothing minimalist about me, so it would never stay this clear of cluttery pictures and Art and Momiji dolls. Found here.
Gorgeous, if not impractical. Found here

Found here

This is by far my favourite image. It's called "Vanity is my favourite sin" - Al Pacino.
Found here. I think I will use it for that inspiration I was looking to find.

I love this one! Although that amount of clutter on any surface would drive me mad. I need a happy medium. Found here.
And even better than Vanity Tables...
Yes please, found here
And for those of you even mildly interested, this is my vanity/computer desk/basically just a place to put pens and pictures since I do all my desk work on the floor. The mirror was my grandmother's and it appears in her wedding photos. I hope one day I get to use it for my wedding photos :)

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Teddi said...

the 1 w/ the doll's head that u think is creepy, was my favorite until, i saw the all white 1 w/ the pastel colored necklaces! also my friend has a gorgeous vanity, that i now need to photograph. i pull up a chair 2 my make shift vanity bathroom counter that holds all my nail polish. :)