Friday, July 1, 2011

Red and White

Today is Canada Day! Here are some random red and white photographs in tribute to Canada!

But first, I have to apologize to anyone who reads/comments on my blog. I generally try to visit your blog in return and comment, or not even in return. I love reading people's blogs and try to comment to tell you how great you are... unfortunately, blogger has decided I'm not allowed to comment on people's blog anymore. I think my computer settings may be messed up. I can't figure out what's going on and I'm still investigating. The point is, I'm sorry I've been negligent. I don't mean to be. I love you all so much.

See that little strawberry, he came directly from Becky Farley at Strumpet's Crumpets.


cuppy said...

I love you my little Canadian love muffin <3 <3 xoxox

Teddi said...

the strawberry photo happens to be my favorite! enjoy your holiday.