Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday is for Me - Pink

I've been attempting to make my blog more consistent at least for the summer. With this in mind, Mondays are devoted to me. Yes, I always post things I like, of course, this is more specific. I will feature one thing that adds colour to my life. Etsy and pinterest do not count of course.

I originally planned to do a different theme today, but I made a treasury for etsy last night, and was reminded how many great pink things there are in this world. I love pink. I gravitate towards it, even though I actually consider turquoise and green my favourite colours. If you're interested in the treasury, it is here.

And without further adieu, PINK!

I really love that beaded necklace, and although I am terrified of fish, those mermaid tights are pretty cool. I want all these things... my wish list grows longer by the second.
What are your favourite pink things?


Teddi said...

have you heard the lyric "Well maybe I'm a little bit slow, or just consistently inconsistent," by hot hot heat? that's pretty much my life story. i would wear those fuschia leggings, but it's too mutha effin hot here, except in like december & january.

Rachel said...

Pink is my favourite colour :)
that tea-pot is adorable