Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lights and dresses

Just a reminder, 30 Days of Lovely (in which you follow a series of easy photo prompts and post them on flickr) starts this Monday. Here is the link to the flickr group. I will post one prompt a day with images, but provide a link in my sidebar listing all 30 prompts.
Anyone can join, just add photos to the group as you see fit, or send me links to your blog... or just follow along, whatever :)

On a completely unrelated note, way back in time, I signed up for a tacky souvenir swap. (You all remember that?) Anyway, my partner and I faced a series of challenges along the way, including the Canadian Mail Strike. This week, my package arrived to me... and I was so pleasantly surprised although NOTHING was tacky. I feel soooo guilty because the items I sent her were EXTREMELY tacky. I put things back because they weren't tacky enough, that kind of thing. Look what I got!!!!! (My partner lives near L.A. and bought my souvenirs from Chinatown.)
A pretty mirror and change purse
And look at this gorgeous fan! The funny thing is, last summer, two of my friends and I drove all over looking for one of these fans. In the process, the driver got a ticket for making an illegal left turn... and basically, it was a disaster with no fans at the end of it all!

So not coy... haha, especially with my yellow embrodiery floss bracelett hanging behind the fan!
And it all came packaged in this perfect bag!
Thank-you Caroline :) I loved it. And I'm really truly sorry what I sent you sucks so much!

2) I'm modelling again this week for my cousin! This time in the forest. I'm really excited. I even bought a new dress. She won't let me post it though :( but..... I can post some other things I got this week, and if I happen to be wearing the dress in the photos, oh well! haha
H&M has the nicest braceletts on sale right now. I bought the turquoise one and the brown leather one the other day. This doesn't show how cute they really are unfortunately. I also love H&M leather braceletts because they are uber-comfortable and you don't notice you are even wearing them which is great.
We are also using these in our photo shoot. I love the bright colours and summery feel.
Lanterns make a lovely, glowing necklace.

And finally, I decorated my journals!
I took some other fun photos that I really want to share, but those are for the photo challenge so I have to wait..... patience is a virtue and one I don't possess!

Love you all!


Teddi said...

oooooo lots of lovelies in this post! like the purses, the journals, & that purple dress! i've owned a couple of my braided leather bracelets since college. i have colored lantern lights very similar to what you show in my art/music room, i swear. :)

Carolina Andrade said...

loved the pics!