Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Post - What to wear according to me

I like to clash. I wear purple and red or red and pink or turquoise and purple together all the time. So even when trying to create a legitimately nice outfit, I still give in to my personal fashion "rules", namely lots of colour is good!

Anyway, here is the outfit I SHOULD have worn to go out for Japanese/Korean foods with my girlfriends.
(Afterwards we went to Chapter's and Starbucks and then walked along the pier. I didn't take pictures but one of them did, so I will steal them and share with you later).
This gorgeous ring
And these pretty blowfish heels
My favourite necklace from Violet Bella
I will post more about this in a later post!

And isn't this headband so pretty? I might buy it from here
I did not wear a dress at all today, no matter how fitting (and kinda fun) that would have been.
This is what I wore instead...
Okay, so I accomplished one of the outfit goals today... see the little necklace with guitar and harmonica.... definitely love it!
Yes, I wear tanktops over tshirts. I love the look. I don't know why.
Both tops -H&M
Jeans -GAP
Stackable rings - H&M
Key and beaded necklace - Handmade
Guitar necklace - Violet Bella (see link above)

Happy weekend loves! xo


Teddi said...

i wear tank tops over shirts too. i wore that combination last weekend. :P you look very cute!

Dora said...

I love the dress you chose from modcloth :) I'm a big fan of their designs