Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bokeh explained briefly

So, for anyone interested....I think we should officially start on Monday, July 11th. I will post a link to the prompts in my side bar, but for 30 days, I will post one a day. Please don't feel pressure to DO one a day. The flickr groups is called "30 Days of Lovely". You don't have to do anything to join, just add photos to the flickr group or post a link in my comments. If you have questions, you can email me at alovelylittleworld(at)yahoo(dot)com. I would love to post some of your images on my blog, with my own... if people wouldn't mind.

Also, one of the prompts is to create an image that is "bokeh-ish", so I thought I should explain what that is for anyone who doesn't know.

Bokeh - Is a Japanese photography technique. It's basically just blurring the background, but usually involves creating little globes of light. I like to use twinkle lights in the background. You have to set your aperture on it's smallest setting..... so as close to f1.8 as possible. This is easiest with a fixed lens. In fact, I could never get it to work until I had one....... then you need to make sure that you don't focus on the lights, take off the automatic focus! If you need a more detailed explanation, please email me!

Here are some bokeh images from I don't want to post mine just yet! You can also google bokeh, and there are some great tips, but I couldn't make any work. The man at the camera store taught me instead.

This above image is a good example of what bokeh should look like.

If all else fails, try just taking a blurry picture. I love doing it. It's creates an entirely different feel for an image.
Some overexposed, blurry lavendar.
Bokeh makes everything dreamy :)


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

hmmm. i always wondered how to do this.
btw i cannot WAIT to start this project! do you have a flickr page made for it yet? or are we just sharing here on your blog? so excited! :)

Journal Junkie said...

these pics are really beautiful. I don't know how to set diff settings on my camera. I know it is prob possible for it has all these diff options. I just need to read the manual! Once I figure it out I may just join you on this adventure!