Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Days of Lovely

That's why I've decided to call my photography project, "30 Days of Lovely". You don't have to follow the prompts in any particular order, just post them to the flickr group if you feel like it, or leave a link in my comments.

Here are the first number of prompts. My goal is to do one a day for thirty days. But I'm not going to limit it to that because if I see two great photos that meet the prompts in the same day...well, how can I pass that up?

1. A heart
2. The word Love
3. Something small
4. A colourful collection
5. Interesting architecture
6. Books
7. "You're beautiful" - interpret as you feel
8. Something bokeh-ish
9. Pet/texture
10. Something monocoloured
11. Jewelry in a still life
12. Movie-Inspired
13. Self-portrait
14. Mirrors
15. Eyes
16. Coffee/tea/you decide

And there you go, the first 16 prompts. Please feel free to modify these accordingly :) I can't wait to see what you come up with. Here's my first one!

While I was making the above photograph, I took a few extras for fun. Wanna see them? If not, look away! haha
Excuse the bedhead, I just woke up from a nap! Oops.
And a sleepy kitty on an unmade bed. Glorious summer! :)


Teddi said...

Luv sweet <3 pix u showed 2day! 30 days of Lovely is gonna B fun! what is #8 bokeh-ish? i wouldnt have noticed the bedhead hair. :P Oh & R u gonna let me steal ur 30 days of Lovely photo so i can link it back to my blog about the challenge? if u still cant comment on my blog then facebook me w the permission. when does it start? u'll tell us when u have the flickr group up right?

Roopa Iyer said...

Oh! Sounds fun! Is there anything we need to do to start..or just start!?