Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today is Mudcat Festival in my town and I'm going to miss it, but I have a few things to share anyway.
I ordered this headband from ThatGirl and I really love it. It's so much more comfortable than regular headbands that cut into your scalp on occassion.
I don't remember ordering two, but two arrived, and I love this one just as much!

I found her through blogging, this is her blog. Check it out :)
This outfit is so entirely me. Other than that I don't wear yellow usually. I love cardies, jeans, graphic tees, funky coloured nail polish, headbands and pony tails. The only thing missing is my hoop earrings. I'm not very original I guess, but definitely comfortable.

Speaking of nail polish, Teddi asked about a colour/brand.

It's actually just Wet & Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer. It's fast dry which is exactly my speed! I got it as an Easter present.
Yes, I don't match my fingers and toes, I like variety! This is my second favourite polish at the moment.
Sally Hensen Mint Sprint, Insta-dry. It really does dry instantly and it has a huge brush which is great for covering a surface hastily.

Four other things I love right now.
I picked up these Petite Blythe. They really are petite.

I post about sprinkle donuts from Tim Horton's more than I should, but look at this baby. It's all ready for Canada Day. It's practically glowing with sugary goodness.

#3 is Winston Churchill

#4 is Dagny Clarice with a piece of hay in her fur, oops!
They are both so brown because they are still shedding their winter coats. Normally they are black!

Happy week-end loves!


Teddi said...

another dumb question alert: what is a mudcat festival? luv the whole outfit: nails, batman, cardi, headband extravaganza!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

LOVE that shirt (well the whole outfit really)!

Dora said...

I am in love with your batman t-shirt.I've been on the lookout for one for ages now.I don't match my nail paint either for fingers and toes :P Your blog is so nice and I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know :)