Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outfit Post Trial 1

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments on my haircut!
I'm attempting my first real-ish outfit post, but not because it's such an amazing outfit, just for fun.
I went to H&M yesterday. I'm an addict, and I don't even enjoy "outfits" or shopping all that much. For some reason, I kept gravitating to hot pink and orange. I don't even like orange so I don't know what was wrong with me. Anyway, here are the results.
Not a very flattering photo of myself, but I want to point something out... this is how dark my skin is WITH bronzer! haha
I have a tripod and one of these days I will have to dig it out to do real photos for my blog, I hope you don't mind these for now.

And look at the arm freckles!!! Yikes, a lot of my students are from India and Pakistan. They aren't sure what to make of my freckles and I get asked about them a lot. I tell them what my grandma told me, "they are kisses from the sun!" One cheeky fellow mumbled under his breath "lucky sun!"

Dress: H&M ($20.00)
Camie: H&M (2 pack for $15.00)
Shoes: American Eagle
Purse: H&M ($10.00)
Earrings: Pink Saguaro
Ring: My own (handmade)

I went and helped my cousin with her photo shoot yesterday. I will post my photos from that tomorrow :)
Happy Sundays loves xo


Courtney said...

You look so cute and so full of personality! I love it!

Teddi said...

great dress & ring! that kid comment is sweet.

Heidi said...

Oh cute!! I love this outfit and the way you've styled it :)