Monday, June 13, 2011

Mudcat anyone?

My town's mascot is a mudcat (which is basically an ugly old catfish, you know? the fish with whiskers?) As a result, the summer fair is called "the Mudcat Festival". I opted out this year for a number of reasons, or at least, I avoided most of it.
I had to go into the park for something though, and was lured in by cupcakes. So here are the photos from the 2 hours I DID not attend Mudcat.
Evil cupcakes!
Please ignore the stupid hair and horrible picture. Focus on the cupcakes.
Haha, right into it.

Some other interesting sights (or should I say, now onto the interesting sights?)

As soon as he turned around, she ran away!
I didn't correct the lighting so it's hard to see, but the tree is decorated w Canadian flags and Salute our Troops ribbons.
A lot of the town is supporting the Bruins, because of Nathan Horton. He's a Dville boy. This town LOVES hockey.
Until next year loves!
p.s. this is a poor representation of the full festival. just a taste :)

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Teddi said...

isn't people watching & silently making fun of what people are wearing, by giving whomever you're with, pokes or funny faces, the best? that oreo cupcake should be mine. fave pic of the day is where you're pretending to take a bite.