Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Challenges and my challenge to you!

Summer is the season of challenges and swaps, and here are a few that I'm participating in right now.

30 Days of Doodles Here are two of my samples so far. This challenge started June 1. It's just about doodling, following along with prompts. Easy, fun, sign up! :)

30 Day Journal Challenge - Janel's second annual Journal Challenge. Her prompts are always great, and last year I found they really helped expand my creative thinking.

52 Lists in 52 Weeks Kelli has started 52 weeks of lists. What blogger doesn't love list making?

It's a Photo Swap - I don't have samples for this just yet because it hasn't actually started. Each person snaps are roll of film and then sends it to her partner to develop. I will in turn, develop someone else's film. We will all post samples later. What a great idea, right?

My idea:
Any photo courses I've taken always have weekly assignments, much like prompts. I always enjoyed this, so I was thinking, starting in July, I will post prompts for photos, and start a flickr group and the whole bit. Prompts could be photograph architecture or shapes or with a blurred foreground and background - that sort of thing. Let me know if you're interested, I will post more info later!


Teddi said...

I tried this prompt last summer and I failed miserably. I'm obviously not an artist--or, obviously not a doodler. However, I was looking at your previous post and saw a picture of your kitty. Is he/she a Siamese? I have a Siamese and her name is Misha :-)

Teddi said...

luv the journal drawings! the jedi cloak make me smile. a photo thing in july! hopefully i'll have more time then 2. charity did u hear sally hansen started making a crackle polish? i saw it on mandy's blog, check it