Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You will be relieved

In honour of tonight! The Finale. I'm so excited to see all my favourites again!
It's pretty clear who my all time favourite is, if not from twitter from the below pictures. You will all be happy to know I won't have to tweet him 24 hours a day anymore, because I finally set up my phone to get notified when he tweets so I can just spam him then :)
Thanks for patience! haha

I posted a screen shot of one my Fano tweets, you probably can't read it though. It's like being a High School girl all over again. I even got tour tickets!!!!!! :D

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rosieposie said...

ha this made me giggle - have you heard of the x factor? that's super big in the uk and i am truly obsessed with aiden grimshaw one of this years contestants. i love that they have twitter!! me and my sister saw the tour this year too and were like crazy teenagers screaming so much.

am following you now on twitter too sweetie (i'm rosie_posy)