Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hazards of photography

I stabbed myself with a tree.
Well actually, I was really tired last night when I got home from work but I decided the flowering trees were just too pretty to not photograph for another day.
I dropped something on the ground and bent to pick it up not realizing a smaller branch was broken off jutting out of the bottom of the tree.
Wack! Right into my eye. Thank God for instant reflexes. My eye lid closed just in time.
I woke up this morning to realize I somehow caught both sides of my eye and now how small welts below my eyebrow and below my eye by the bridge of my nose.
WARNING: Photographing Flowers seems innocent. It's potentially very dangerous to your eye balls :)

Happy weekend friends! xo


Catherine said...

Ouch! The photos look almost worth it though :) so cute! Hope you have a good weekend!

Teddi said...

oh that looks painful! better make jokes about it before your students do. i think u should get an eye patch & craft it out. or get those jewel sparkl-y stickers u can apply to skin. ;)

M.M.E. said...

I hope you're all right! I'm embarrassed to say I've done something similar, only I was sketching and then turned without looking and knocked my head and nose on a big tree branch. Dork alert!

Elis said...

Ouch! D: Thank goodness for reflexes indeed!