Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Photo Love

Apparently this is becoming a regular feature. I really am obsessed with "images" though. I find so many I love so it's the best way to share them. Aren't we all though, right? Sorry.

This image is from a shop that sells Chalkboard Speech Bubbles. It makes me so happy though! There are a whole series of fun images with this colourful background. I'm thinking maybe they are customer photos??? Or maybe not, it's a photography supply store.

hehe, too cute!

This photo of two of my friends when we went for lunch last week. Joe is totally unsuspecting. Just drinking his coffee innocently.

This Robert Cadloff print. His work is gorgeous. I already own a few of his photographs.
Available here

This photography was done by a fellow Project 365er. Isn't it so "Spring"?

And brought to you by cuteoverload

One more day of holidays!
Happy Resurrection Sunday to you. Love you all. xo


Melissa Stevens said...

Love the pictures!!! Your blog is cute! I'm now following! Follow me if you'd like!

rosieposie said...

oh so lovely!! i think the grannies doing hopscotch are hilarious!!! x

Elis said...

Oh my word, the picture of the ladies playing hopscotch has got to be the cutest thing I've seen in a while! I think they are even giving the bunny a run for his money! ^_^
As for your photo posts, I really love seeing them and you always have pictures that make me smile. :)