Friday, April 8, 2011

Start your day the right way.

How do you start your day the right way?

Step 1. Eat donuts, haha. Just kidding, but doesn't this look soooo good? I've blogged about them before but that's how much I love them. Although actually all the sugar sometimes makes me feel sick.
On a serious note, listen to music. Today I listened to Stefano Langone sing Tiny Dancer - very hot, and a mix I made for my best friend living in Hong Kong, which of course included White Stripes, Regina Spektor, Stars and She & Him.

He's only 21 but look at him! Adorable!

Step 2: Wear an irritating graphic tee. I thought it would be fun to wear this "You Can't See Me" shirt, because my students love wrestling and it's John Cena's catch phrase. But the joke was on them because it's really a Where's Waldo? shirt. However, this was a gigantic fail because 1) 90% of them have no idea who Waldo is since they aren't from North America, not to mention the generation gap. 2) They thought it was hilarious to yell "you can't see me" all day, including during their test.

In reality, you should probably avoid irritating graphic tees, although I'm quite pleased with my absolutely tacky decision to wear a pink striped cardy with said (red-striped) graphic tee. Although there was an awkward moment when one of the boys said, "Miss, can you open your shirt?" I was with the Art teacher at the time, and we both raised our eyebrows in shock, to which he hastily corrected his mistake and said "I want to read your t-shirt".

Step 3: Come home after work and crash on your bed... with your feet on the pillows. Then take a picture of it for your project 365. Crashing is most likely induced by too much sugar/caffeine/"you can't see me" but please "open your shirt" comments.

In reality, I love the kids, the sugar, and the caffeine.

Step 4: When all else fails, CRAFT :) hehe.
Or at least post pictures of the stuff you've been working on lately. Art show next weekend!

And coming soon.....
(Don't worry it's not more steps...)
Love you all. <3 Happy weekend!


Out on a limb said...

Mmmm, that donut does look good.

Tiffany said...

Yay for donuts!
Your t-shirt story is awesome and so is the shirt itself! :) The open your shirt comment is hilarious! :)
And all of the jewelry is amazing!
Happy weekend!

Teddi said...

open your shirt (ha-ha)! i've loved red hair since anne of green gables. course pippi longstocking was a cool too. i first colored mine after a high school break up. the guy had told me i wouldn't look good as a redhead. so i thought we'll see about that! of course he complimented me on it later. to which i replied, "i really don't care what you think" (bucko, implied).

Jello said...

oh wow! i completely adore those necklaces! do you sell them? (i think i'm blind if i didn't see it on your blog.. lol)

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

That donut photo has make me hungry!
And I love the fork and spoon necklace. So cool.