Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pretty Thing Love

There are so many interesting things on etsy. It's easy to spend way more money than you should. Yikes! But here are a few things either on my wish list or that I just like to look at because they are pretty or colourful.
This gorgeous very bokeh Amelia Kay photograph.

These funky earrings. I'm in love with green.

These photo props! (Fun fun fun!)

I really want this Mr.Tea mug!

And I've loved this ring for months!

And how cute is this print?

I have nowhere to wear it, but I want this tiara

I really love this. So bright and vibrant.

And I bet I won't be able to resist ordering this fellow today. He is so sweet!

Anyway, I won't keep going. I didn't realize how long my wish list has grown over the last little while.
Have you made any fun purchases lately? I'd love to see... post me the link?
<3 love to all!


Sera Pie said...

Oh my, I love these finds! Mr. Tea is amazing and I adore the tiara!

Erin Dawn said...

I'm an Etsy addict too. Oh man. I wish I had more money for that site.

PS...that ring IS pretty awesome!

* said...

that mug is so cute :)

Teddi said...

that mr. tea cup cracks me up! check out my mr. T pick in this post from sept.
oh & charity u know that guitar print is my heart. too bad the red headed girl isn't playing it ;)