Friday, April 29, 2011

Power Outage and a Big Bang!

We had no hydro for 12 hours yesterday. At least I was at work for a large chunk of it, so I didn't even know. We are such Idol addicts that we hooked up the tv to one of those battery/power pack things so at least we could watch the last half hour.
I read Cassandra Clare's City of Fallen Angels with a flashlight.

I'm enjoying it so far.

Today I was window shopping on etsy (such a major time drain!!!! oops!), and I found this very, very cute BBT cross stitch pattern. I want it very badly. This seller has all kinds of fun patterns.

Here is the shop.

I don't have much else to post today. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! xoxo


kimi said...

man oh man. glad you are save!! love the BBT cross stitch. one of my most favorite shows...bazinga!

Catherine said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I've still not watched any Big Bang Theory, should I jump on the bandwagon? I'm trying not to get into any new shows until after exams, as I get a bit obsessed! x

rachel! said...

haha, i loved how you hooked it up to watch the last half hour. it's crazy how much we rely on electricity!

rosieposie said...

haha that BBT cross stitch is AMAZING!