Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Photo Love

I found this photo ages ago but I still love it.
It's one of those ones you wish you had taken youself. links the picture to this blog

I love this photograph of Ernest Hemingway. Originally, I was just going to post the portrait, but Ernest Hemingway Lego... seriously? How great is that? I love Lego.

Found here

This photograph is by a fellow 365er. Isn't this building gorgeous? I really want to live in it!
See more of his 365 images here

Now it's time for an attractive guy picture. I promise no American Idol this week. Hmmm... how about this image? I was googling 1950s fashion one day, and lo and behold! Love it.
I don't seem to have bookmarked the original link. Drat.

And finally, a photo I took for my wedding photography course last year. The pretend groom and groomsmen. That day was soooo hot, but they dressed up so I could shoot them, (although admittedly, they whined A LOT!)
I still love the image (and so did my prof! :) Proud moment!)
Another Monday come and gone. Hope it was stellar loves! xoxo

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Teddi said...

that top 1st photo steals my heart!