Saturday, April 23, 2011

Long Point

Things that make me happy today...
Other than the GORGEOUS weather of course! I planned on doing all my inside computer stuff today because it was suppose to rain, instead, it's 78 in the sun! Finally <3
1) These book club Momiji dolls. It's time for me to add a new Momiji to my collection. It's been too long.

2) Haley Reinhart's amazing cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I can not say how obsessed I have become with this song. Both versions. It's nearly a perfect song, in my modest opinion of songs.
3) My always growing cardy collection. I need a few more... as you will notice, I don't have a lot of colour variation.

4)To go with my cardigans, is of course, my graphic tees. Many do not feature here. I was actually surprised by how few I have these days. Apparently the collection diminished and I didn't notice. I now have an excuse to buy more. I had prohibited the purchasing of graphic tees.
5) Stealing jewelry from my own shop. Although, and here's my big announcement... Soon, I won't do that anymore, because I'm making entirely not-for-profit. I will take money for supplies/shipping/etsy fees and the rest will go to one of a few organizations. That being said, there is nothing in my shop at the moment. I'm also re-opening my photog shop, but any profits there are for me! :)
6) Yesterday we went to the Long Point Bird Sanctuary. It's a beautiful marsh about an hour from where I live.

This is a strange mishmosh post. Happy weekend loves. I hope you all enjoy your holiday.

At the Marsh. It was stinkin' cold yesterday!


With Love, Jamie said...

I love cardigans & graphic t's & of course your button rings...I wear mine all the time! :)

* said...

cool graphic tees :)

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

Hello stranger.. how have you been? I stopped by to show some blog love. Those Momiji dolls are too cute!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


rosieposie said...

oh i love the momiji dolls! looks like i will be adding a new one to my collection too :-)