Saturday, April 30, 2011

I got a haircut and blogged about it

Finally, after months and months (I won't tell you exactly how many), I got a haircut.
Here it is.
My nose looks like a beak.
Yes, you can't even tell I had a haircut, but it's 4 inches shorter and actually neat. That's very rare.

A few other moments from the day,

I wore my moccassins finally! :)
I played with flowers and toys. (Perfect choices)

I went book and feather shopping. I will show you the feathers tomorrow, but for now... my favourite book of the day, KNIT YOUR OWN ROYAL WEDDING! haha... too amazing!

Love you all! xoxo


Catherine said...

I love your haircut! And 'knit your own royal wedding' is just too cute and funny :) x

Lisa said...

i love your hair, thats about the same color i want to go!

cuppy said...

Your nose does NOT look like a beak! Don't talk about my beautiful friend that way!!!!

Your hair is gorgeous! How many inches did you cut off?


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

youre too cute! love the hair