Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gypsies and Spring

I am so ready for Spring!
By me
Found here
Found here
Isn't this image gorgeous?

I wore feather earrings today. My students think I dress like a gypsy. (I tell them it's Roma but the term doesn't stick. They also don't know the term Boho). So here are some gypsy-inspired accessories.

I really want a pair of long feather earrings, but I can't pick now that I'm trying.

Found here

I love the head scarves in this shop, Garlands of Grace. They are so pretty.
And that's it for now! Tomorrow is Wednesday :)
Love you all!


Teddi said...

guess what photo is my favorite? the top one, of course. i totally like your style fashion.

Out on a limb said...

Gorgeous Ballerina photograph and gorgeous headband!
I must make one...

elycia said...

i can't wait for spring! can you believe it snowed a bit yesterday? gross.
i love those feather earrings! i think it would be fun to be a teacher. if i had students they would probably think i was crazy...and they wouldn't be wrong. :)

Jello said...

welll hello there! just read about your post on Pamplemousse! and i loved it! so i thought i would stop by and say hi! loving your pictures a lot!


Sera Pie said...

I love that bracelet!

Oh my, I just love springtime. :)

mandyface said...

Lovely pics! That head scarf is awesome!