Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Things I love.

The always sweet, perfectly adorable Cuppy did a 10 things I love post and tagged... everyone!
I haven't ever really done a 10 things I love post, I just do general "here are things I love today" posts, so I thought I would participate.

1. Rabbits. Not the country kitchen dangly leg kind or even any kind of collectible one. The real kind. With soft fur, that like to cuddle up to your neck or stomp their feet and have temper tantrums when you don't play with them.

2. Pizza. I could eat it for every meal. Mmmmmm!

3. Big Bang Theory! Of course, I've blogged about it many many many times. I even made my own tshirts!
4. Monty Python's Self-Defense Skit. I also love Holy Grail.
I've never posted a video. I don't know if that worked, but just in case it didn't, here's a Holy Grail image.

5. Historiography. I was the only one in Grad School who enjoyed it, but I really did. Sucker for punishment? Perhaps.
Just because I'm not sure how well-known the term "Historiography" is - it's the study of how History is written, the debates, perspectives, what shapes the biases. I think it's fascinating stuff but I realize it isn't to everyone's tastes.

6. Dark nailpolish - either plum or black, although I love pink too!

7. YA Fantasy. Lately, it's all I read. Total addict. Although, I will read nearly any alternative society/post apocalyptic literature. I adore Ayn Rand. I love boring political novels in general. Anyway, YA Fantasy... my favourite series is Hunger Games, obviously. I'm trying Holly Black most recently, and I love the Mortal Instruments series.

8. "Miniature" jewelry. This needs no explanation. I haven't bought this chalkboard yet, but I want it, bad.
Available here

9. Rollerblading.
This is a few years ago. I have put on quite a few pounds and stopped using children's rollerblades, haha.

10. Love. Pictures of it, mostly, haha. Just kidding ;)

Send me links to ten things you love. I enjoy seeing people's lists.


Faith said...

Have you read "The House of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer? It's my favorite YA Fantasy Book. Highly recommended!!!

live2create said...

The video worked and it was a riot! :P :)

* said...

very nice :)

Courtney said...

When the springs comes I'm pretty much sick of all the pretty colors and go for dark colors too!

Teddi said...

bunnies are fun to hold, i just don't wanna take care of them. pizza is nearly always a fave with me. hunger games good book series. i <3 rollerblading too. u look great in that picture!

elycia said...

oh my goodness!!! i am a total young adult fantasy addict too. hunger games was amazing. i really love reading all kinds of books but the YA fantasy genre is the kind that i feel like i just can't put down. finishing them is urgent!

rosieposie said...

i did one of these posts last week - and the big bang theory featured in mine too! i love that program so much :-)

Sera Pie said...

Here's a thought: Big Bang pizza party. Holla!