Monday, March 28, 2011

Re-do of "ce weekend"

I went to the camera store because my grandma was having problems with her old point and shoot film camera, and we got it fixed for her, but while I was there I just randomly asked about a camera lens I keep hearing so much about. It was a good price, so even though I wasn't planning on it, guess what I got?! I love it. Really truly.
I have a craft show coming up, so I spent some time crafting hair flowers.
And then I had to chase Mila out of her hiding places. It's the only exercise she gets. She's pretty lazy.

And then I took so more pictures. I'm really enjoying my Project 365 but it's slowing down my computer because I upload so many images every day. Tonight's mission is deleting files :S

I wanted to share this little bear with you because he was made out of an old coat. I don't normally collect bears but when my Great Aunt passed away, her sister took in one of her coats to a bear making business and had this little fellow made. My family is very small so I was very close to both my Great Aunts growing up and I just thought it was a super sweet way to remember someone. I'm not sure who the bear maker is, I think someone in Hamilton. His foot reads Bears4U.

Anyway, that's all for now. This is the second time I've done this post. I posted it yesterday but non of the pictures would load. Hopefully I'm more successful this time. Happy Monday loves! xoxo


Teddi said...

those photos are beyond! that bear i adore, although i'm not sure why (hmm?) ;)

Elis said...

That little bear is so sweet! <3 I love the photo of the fabric flowers with pins stuck in them, too. :)

Erin Dawn said...

Awww, GUINEA PIG?! I love piggies!! I use to have a couple, but then I became kind of allergic and had to give them to a new home. :/