Thursday, March 24, 2011

Manley and the Puff and a Swap.

Look who arrived in the mail!!!! My bunny puff from KittyPinkStars!
It's a good thing because poor little Manley is getting lonely.
I ordered Manley from Kit Lane. There isn't anything in her shop at the moment, but she is very fast about making up custom orders. I requested Manley, she reserved him for me and then someone else bought him! But she actually refunded the other purchaser and made sure I got him which I thought was really excellent of her.
Mila is afraid of Manley. I mean so afraid she runs in the opposite direction.
And it looks like Lola is pushing him off her chair...
so in my crazy boredness called a snow day.... I decided the puff came at the perfect moment.
Manley and the puff were fast friends, probably because they both look so weird (and cute).

So on a less insane note, I also made this headband. I love it, but I think everyone else in the world thinks it looks silly. Anyway, that's not because the diy design isn't perfect, it's just because I made the circles too big and used too many colours. I found the idea here. Her's looks much prettier!

Baha after comparing them, no wonder I get weird looks... pffft, as if people aren't use to it by now. I'm actually really embarrassed but thought I should post about it anyway, because if you don't post about the embarrassing stuff you lose half the fun :S

And my post-Christmas swap package came in the mail yesterday! So fun. I don't think my swap partner has a blog link. I will have to double check.

Jewellry, chocolate and stationery! Could I get a better package in the mail?
Eating above mentioned chocolate and listening to American Idol tracks. Stephano and Paul are my favourites! And now it's on, so I gotta jet! (Obsessed much? and who says "gotta jet"?)
Love you all xoxoxo


cuppy said...

OMG !!! I love love love your new blog layout AND your new buttons !!!!! SO CUTE !!!


Out on a limb said...

Awww I think that your headband is cute. If you act confident enough I know you can pull it off!

this is halee *as in berry* said...

Super cute headband! and I have to agree with cuppy and tell you I'm a huge fan of the new layout. Very cute.