Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He's so Manley and Not again please

"Miss, did you know it's Justin Bieber's birthday?" x8
"Could we sing Bonne Fete today? You know, since it's Justin Bieber's birthday" x1 (This was said by a boy to make fun of all the girls....I almost said yes, but wasn't in the mood to humour them, haha)
Since in case you didn't hear it four zillion times, it's Justin's birthday. Is that even true? I haven't seen it in the news once despite the articles on his new hair cut and coming out of the closet with Selena Gomez ;)

Anyway, enough...

His name is Manley and soon he will be all mine!
He's a jacabob made by Kit Lane.
Here's her etsy
Here's her flickr.
Isn't he perfect?

And another Jennah/Project 365 photo!


~~kym~~ said...

The whole J.B. thing...ugh, I want to live in a world where the headline news isn't "Justin Beiber sports more mature haircut!"

Manly is so so cute :)

ladybirdy said...

manley is the lovliest! :D