Sunday, March 20, 2011

Focus on Frankenmuth, MI

Over March Break, I visited Frankenmuth, Michigan. I've been many times before, but that was before I was a blogger. The town is German themed, and very quaint. Many of the buildings are decorated with murals like the one below and there are quirky, charming things to see (and photograph) everywhere.
March is not their peek season so it's actually more interesting in the summer or fall. Aside from the uniqueness of the town, Frankenmuth is also home to the world's largest Christmas store. We didn't check the hours, so when we first tried to go it was closed. The Christmas lights were still on though, so I snapped a few quick images.
And I kissed the gnome once more for old time's sake...
And I will show you the inside of the Christmas store later. Hope you're having a lovely weekend friends!


elycia said...

that looks like a cool place!

Teddi said...

my fave is the garland pic with fence & yellow ribbons. it is a lovely little world. :)

Out on a limb said...

Oh goodness I love that gnome in the last picture!
I always wanted to get a cookie jar that looked like a little gnome.
Wouldn't that be the sweetest thing ever???

Elis said...

I love your new blog look! It's so clean and pretty!! ^_^