Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1 of March Break summed up very quickly in a series of photos.

The best part of this post is the ending, so if you get bored, please scroll down :)
The day started of with mail - which included this hat which my cuz, Sarah and I intended to use for a photo shoot (not with me as the model, but I like to wear it anyway). I also got this pop tart ring and pancake necklace. As well as some of the supplies I needed for my upcoming craft show.
Then I made an alphabet bead necklace. It says "A Lovely Little World". Yep, that's right... after my blog and shop.
Then I took this picture of the cat. She doesn't like me taking her picture.
Then we got to work. This is how I work... all spread out on the floor. I even did this when writing papers in University, or now when I'm marking my students' work.

Earrings and a giant tacky ring. Sarah made it and laughed about it later. It will definitely add colour to the display.
Then Sarah made an alphabet bead necklace.

The tacky flowers on the bead case were a result of my efforts as a pre-teen to decorate it with nailpolish -of all things.

Then, in typical cat fashion, the cat decides to sit right ON Sarah's alphabet bead necklace.

So... we gave her her own alphabet beads! haha. The end.


Michelle Elizabeth said...

You have a lovely cat!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Cute stuff.

Jess said...

Your cat is so cute! <3 And I adore the pancake necklace! Cute!

Teddi said...

i always end up doing my projects on the floor too. i think it comes from all those yrs. working with little ones.