Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cute Guys Who Sing. More Reason to Hate TV.

I hate reality tv but not for the reason most people do. I get far too attached to the individuals involved and can't take the emotional stress of it all. Have you ever seen Dragon's Den? It's Canadian so you may not have, but small business owners and inventors make their pitch to get funding from 5 arrogant and very successful entrepreneurs. Some of my family members watch it regularly. I will not even go in the tv room if it's on. It makes me that upset.

Here comes the point of this post.... I have become obsessed with American Idol. If you follow me on twitter (@charityblaine) you already know this. I constantly tweet to the contestants because I figure one has to answer eventually haha (or block me). I watched season 2 but I was not so... captivated. This season, well I ended up in tears last Thursday when Casey nearly got cut. I hate American Idol because it has turned me into a teenage girl. (Thus the name of this post). Here is my logic.

I am a sucker for cute boys who can sing (or who can even kind of sing). I have posted about this problem before, but it seems to be growing.
Fact #1

I never noticed Jon Rhys Meyers until he sang in August Rush. After that point, I loved everything about his effeminate face.
I quickly obtained the songs he sings on the soundtrack and still listen to them when I can't fall asleep.
Fact #2
I also listen to Badly Drawn Boy when I can't sleep (About a Boy). I'm not in love with him the same way, probably because I've never seen him sing just heard him.
My friend Alex photographs musicians for a living, (he's amazing btw) and he even got to photograph Damon performing. I think I will start hating Alex (although not for real).
Because I love the About a Boy soundtrack (sung by Badly Drawn Boy), I am also obsessed with Nicholas Hoult who played Marcus, although not in the wow, he's dreamy kind of way because Marcus always reminded me of my little brother.

Fact #3
I did not care at ALL for Twilight in anyway until I heard Rob Pattinson sing Never Think. I'm not sure why I acquired the soundtrack prior to reading the books or seeing the movie... But after I heard him sing, I bought an "I Love Rob" shirt "as a joke". Pathetic. (Now that I think about it, I got the soundtrack because of Iron & Wine).

And back to American Idol, have you heard these boys sing? Sometimes I even blush a bit when they come on the screen. I love how they sound, (and it doesn't hurt that they are adorable). Doesn't Paul have the cutest smile? And I love Stephano's eyes. See, this is a real problem. Any suggestions? An intervention?
Band Boys Are EVIL and Reality Tv is making it possible. If I stop posting in a few weeks time, you'll know I'm too devastated because one of my boys got voted off.
I think I will buy this hat to wear with my "I love Rob Stephano and Paul" shirt.
Available here

Happy week-end friends!
If you read this whole thing, you deserve an award! xo


Teddi said...

sure did & i laughed on the inside. much luv

Elis said...

I get very emotionally involved with TV shows, too, but usually the fictional variety. My favourite show is on break for 3 weeks and I am probably going to go through withdrawal, lol! I get very attached to singers as fact, if I have a "crush" on someone from a band, it is almost always the singer. :) I think there's just something about people that can sing well...they can reach you emotionally with their voices, and that's amazing. :)

About a Boy is one of my favourite movies!! I ♥ it so much! :)