Sunday, March 13, 2011


I rarely ever set out to "collect" things... I merely like them so I accumulate them and suddenly realize I have a collection. Post cards are the only real exception. I deliberately collect them. I also find that as soon as people know you collect them, you get them more regularly. I never do that intentionally (I promise!) but I'm always pleased when it works out that way... so thank-you to those of you to whom this applies. My family has always been big postcard senders as well, so I've managed to put together a number of vintage and personal post cards as well. I have more than 200 easily these days.

Here are a few of the other things I regularly am addicted to accumulate:
1) Toys. I still love toys, particularly small collectible ones. Do you remember Micro Machines? I almost bought some when I went antiquing last weekend. In fact, I would have but the ones for sale weren't the really cool ones (sad face here). I'm not really into Barbies or stuffed animals or anything like that, so maybe just kawaii toys or "hip" toys. Are toys hip? haha. Nobody says "hip" other than in hipster, I do realize.

2. Nailpolish. I love having coloured nails. I'm ALWAYS seeing new colours I want to own. I'm currently crushing on gold, but not just the sparkly kind.... the real metallic looking gold. The downside to this, I'm rather hard on my hands, and semi-clumsy so my nail polish looks horrible within 24 hours. (Manicures are a waste of money for me, and I don't have the patience, no matter how pretty it looks for 48 hours).
3. Books and Home Decorating Magazines. They take up so much room, but I love owning them.
4. Handmade and cheap accessories. I rarely spend money on jewellry. I prefer handmade or quirky (usually cheap) accessories. I have soooooo many bangles/braceletts/necklaces/headbands/earrings. In fact, probably too many to actually wear regularly.

5. I also accumulate graphic tees. This one says "Katniss could whip Bella any day". I LOVE it. You can never own too many graphic tees. I'm also wearing one of my favourite headbands. My students call it a turban. I didn't include a photograph, but I have a collection of musical instrument Christmas tree ornaments. These aren't the cheesy kind, but the kind that look like miniatures of the real thing. The saxophones even have tiny wooden reeds! They are packed up for the season though, despite the fact I would love to have them out all year... and maybe one day when I have more space that wish will come true.

Do you collect anything interesting? I bet nearly every crafty blogger is a handmade accessory collector. There are so many fun, quirky things out there.

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Sunday (even though losing an hour was crappy)

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Elis said...

Do you collect new/unsent postcards, or postcards that people send to you (or both)? I like postcards too, but I keep everything that people send to me, so I guess I just collect mail, hehee. ^^;

I also hoard books/magazines, small toys and figurines (especially vintage), and old records--ok, anything old, really. ^^ I'm a costume jewelry girl, too! I've just never been into fancy, expensive jewelry. I do have a couple "nice" items, but they were gifts from other people and I'm always afraid I'll lose or break them. D:

Love your green headband--sooo cute!! ^_^