Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm really cranky today.
Grade 8s make me very cranky somedays. I can't imagine what it must be like raising pre-teens. I have to admit there are days they melt my heart, but today wasn't one of them. The worst part is, I can't tolerate the radio on days like today because I hate most of the music on the radio, and the cd player in my car doesn't work. I've been hooking my phone up and playing the music on it through my radio but somedays I just don't have the patience to set it all up.... so no musical soothing today. Although, finally I got Linkin Park to play, and that's pretty good for singing along to on angry days. I mean.... not their yelling like Eighth graders stuff... I only like the totally emo ballads.

Um.... so I lost the point of this, haha.... I've decided to go through pages I've bookmarked for inspiration in the last while and hope that calms an anxious soul (ie. Mine).

I love this blog. I love her style. I love her jewellry line. I would maybe like to be her... or at least steal her wardrobe/house/creativity temporarily.

I would like a jar of sprinkles to wear around my neck. These are found at Sick for Cute.

I forgot to buy them and spent the money I was going to use on something else. Maybe they will be next pay's reward :)

This little forest animal set. It was advertised on etsy, but I think it may just have been part of the display. Anyway, the original picture is here

I also bookmark the blog Design Lovefest and I can't remember what specifically attracted me, but I'm not surprised. How cool is this?

Sunshine and Carousels is one of my favourite blogs and etsy shops. Check out the new Modern Marie line.... every item is so gorgeous and everything about this blog is so aesthetically (word choice???) appealing.

Something else I need to order on payday, haha. Seriously, pretty or funky accessories help pass the day (and make your students think you're cool when YOU'RE NOT! haha)

Another friendly blogger shared this diy felted donut article and I can't remember who... but thank-you and I really want to try it. Good thing I bookmarked it because I forgot! It looks really easy and they are very kawaii.

I ordered this from Kitty!

I'm ecstatically excited to get it.

Real baby bunnies from Beauty in Everything Photography

And just because I love hugs

Found here

There... that's a bit better :)
Thanks xo

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Teddi said...

sometimes working with kids is so hard. i understand that feeling. monday was like that for me. i constantly wonder if what i'm doing matters, do you? then there are those brief perfect moments, when you realize just maybe it might, maybe.