Monday, February 7, 2011

Stars and Tom Boys Grown Up

I want to make a really glittery star garland. I bought the glitter today as a matter of fact. It was so tempting.... six little packages of different variations of green glitter. I can't wait.
Something like this, but pure glitter!
I`m such a girl. Somedays I wonder when that happened, haha.
See the one in the back, holding up mud... yep me.

And the one in the baseball hat, me again.

Three images from despite my resolution to not use it.

I love this frog ring. I found it on the reduced rack months ago.

I should take a better picture.
Maybe another day.

Happy Tuesday tomorrow loves xo

1 comment:

sherixfirefly said...

The stars is an awesome idea, i think it would look great!

Ooh and i love the froggy ring!