Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy, colourful girl.

Jennah is the cutest girl on the planet. She's a brilliant artist, but rarely finishes a piece. She gets called weird a lot (even by me) but she's always unsure whether or not that's good. I assure her it is. She randomly decided to shave her head one day, then colour it purple. The purple is gone away, but her hair is still very short... I told her weeks ago I wanted to photograph her short hair. I almost chickened out because I actually get anxiety about "photo shoots" but when Jennah said it was okay she would shave her head for me later, I knew I had to do it! Then my cousin Sarah said she'd come with me... and I was set. Here are a few of my silly Jennah pictures, and a couple just silly everyone photos. I had a super fun time and am planning on adopting Jennah as my younger sister.

These are only a few of my absolute favourites. There are tons more.

And, as an aside, I got earrings and a bracelett at H&M

Finally, my favourite picture of the day!

I'm not even going to explain it. I know it won't make you laugh like it makes me laugh, but I'm sure you can appreciate the randomness (and unplanned-ness) of the moment.


Courtney said...

Those are great! I love when you share your photo sets with us. That last one is so funny!

Elis said...

You're both adorable! ^_^

By the Bluegrass said...

I think it's a funny picture! And I like your earrings and headband.

modern viking vixen said...

Thank you for entering my giveway and your cute comment :)


By the Bluegrass said...

Hey, I tried to find your email.? I received an email from your blog that was meant for modern viking was about her comment. Just wanted you to know. : )