Friday, February 4, 2011

Aliens Like Snow Too.

I'm behind in my blogging again, so here is a quick share from Wednesday (my snow day! Who doesn't love a good snow day?!)

I put the finishing touches on some necklace projects. I have a few more that I haven't photographed yet. I will post those ones next time.

I was experimenting with make-up and it was disastrous so I just smeared it everywhere. It was liberating, although obviously ridiculously immature.

Yes, I have A LOT of hair.

And then, I played in the snow.... or rather took pictures of it. It's so beautiful, even if it makes the roads hazardous.


And one last thought,


gouldaismoi said...

you're odd

Teddi said...

i luv the smeared make-up war paint. you took a frustration & turned into a fun situation!

kymberley said...

Wow, all that snow!
I've read that Plato quote before and how it rings true.
Love the necklaces and 'war paint' photos, your a silly girl :)

erica1228 said...

those necklaces are fantastic!

modern viking vixen said...

I think the face paint is cute haha. Great photos!