Sunday, February 27, 2011

Admit It.

Admit wearing giant fabric flowers on your head is uber-fun.

I got it yesterday at the mall.

I got this dress too. It doesn't quite fit but I really wanted it, so I bought it anyway.

H&M braceletts. I love them sooooo much. An hour later, we went back to H&M and all of the thicker one were sold out.
You can also see my stained nails :S
I painted them turquoise and then got lazy and put black on top. The nailpolish remover didn't take it all off, so now my nails are oddly discoloured.

Sarah got these pretty vintage looking fingerless gloves.

And...... I started collecting LEGO people. Hooray!

It's been snowing a lot here lately, so since this is already photo heavy... here are a few snowy day pictures.

The dog is going, "what the heck?" I think

Yep that's me shovelling. A considerable amount of junk in the trunk.... although I think it may be exaggerated in this photo by my bad shovelling posture (hopefully)

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Love to all! xo


sherixfirefly said...

The bracelet is gorgeous <3 and in a moment of stupidity I thought you were mowing the lawn *^_^*

Teddi said...

have you tried putting on a clear nail polish base coat before your nail color? my hairdresser told me about the OPI brand last wk.cuz i'm such a nail polish ho. i tried & my nails were unstained. but i only used silver polish over the top & haven't tried darker nail colors yet.

cupcake cutie said...

i agree! i love wearing flowers in my hair and I LOVEEEE that one!!!! and i love the bracelet too
so cute

Out on a limb said...

Where did you get that dress?????

gewwybeans said...

ooh, the snow looks nice! We will never ever get that here :( (singapore)