Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two day-s

Driving in the snow is scary. Just had to say that. I mean I've done it before, but today was way, way too scary. Scary enough to make me wish I worked much closer to home.
Anyway, here's the last two days for 365 Project.

And here are some other photos I took in the process of taking these.
I am so glad I'm doing this project. Although the photos haven't always been amazing or anything, it's so nice to be photographing all the time. I just wish I had more time to craft now. I'm convinced some of the stress I'm feeling is because I haven't been participating in my normal therapeutic Art (or art).

Last Blythe post for a while, but I love her new clothes!

Winter garb. All fake, don't worry. I almost hate even wearing fake stuff because it feels so wrong but this jacket is so great and warm and I drape it across my legs when I drive and my car is still cold. That's how much of a suck I am.

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