Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something good about Valentine's Day

So.... I went on etsy just to see if I could find some fun Valentine ideas for Becky's Valentine swap, which I think you can still sign up for over at her blog and now I think I need to collect Valentines! There are so many great vintage and handmade cards out there and they are soooo funny or sweet. I already collect postcards so the jump isn't that extreme. Anyhow, check these babies out!

Both of the above from Eden Creative Studio

I love this little snail. Very reminiscent of grade school love letters...
Found at My Zoetrope

I think she used vintage fabric.... Jane Says

I think the little aliens are my favourite. And this is just a sampling. It was hard to choose. There are so many great Valentines available and I don't even like Valentine's Day particularly! Crazy-ness! Happy week-end everyone!
Oh, the vintage two are from Betty Janes Treasures

365 Project


cuppy said...

I've been collecting Valentine's for YEARS so I have quite the stockpile of rad stuff! I love Valentine's Day (all the pink/red & heart-shaped stuff makes me swoony!).


Elis said...

I know I've said so before, but it bears repeating--I'm really digging your 365 photos! Each one has its own mood and atmosphere, and I love that. ^_^