Monday, January 17, 2011

Skating or rather attempting to skate and other failures

So... we set out to skate. We were optimistic and decided to hype up on caffeine pre-skate.

Sometimes I call Joe my brother to avoid confusion. This was his logic on why I would order coffee. You will want tea after skating and you already had half coffee half hot chocolate today, so you will want coffee now. My logic wasn't the same, but I wanted coffee so the end result... good. This would seem like a good sign to start the evening.


Almost ready

Normally the ice meanders through the woods making two skating trails and two small-ish rinks.
Last night, we had a 15x15 rink, and...

A mess. Clearly people attempted to skate during a thaw and so any ice present was a bumpy mess. Mostly the frozen stream just didn't exist and was, well, snow.

See the circular mark near my skates - I made that. That was the highlight of the skating. After about 15 minutes we bailed and decided to try Walmart. That was a fail too. I couldn't find a tasteful green shirt, snow pants or a reasonably priced adapter to play mp3s in my car. He got a movie called Mega Shark and Mega Octopus which looks one hundred percent lame so it's probably worth the money. Anyway, by this point, we were hungry, so we went to Pizza Pizza. I love pizza, but FAIL AGAIN! The pizza was all dried out.

Sad face.

At this point, we ended up back at Tim Horton's. I ordered a sprinkle donut because I was so dismayed by the events of the night. Look what happened.... another FAIL. Only half sprinkles! Ah! So not impressed!

This photo is titled "Ripped off", haha!

Happy Monday lovelies! :) You make me day, just sayin'


amyschmamey said...

Sorry everything didn't go as planned. But. At least you got a doughnut. I love doughnuts. Don't get them that often, but I am sure I would smile if I had one right now.

Tiffany said...

Looks like you had a good time even with a few "failures"!! :) And even with a few less sprinkles that donut looks delish!! :)

Elisse said...

Hey you do half coffee/half hot chocolate :) I like half coffee/half french vanilla - thank you Timmy's. Sorry your day was half-way to epic fail, but your skating marks photo looks really neat!

Teddi said...

here's a dumb question from yours truly: why don't you skate in a rink? i guess i'm fake like that

Bee said...

As someone who works at Tim Hortons i'm sorry you only got half the sprinkles on your donut. If i ran the company i would send you more.