Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A rushed ten things.

I haven't been replying to comments or emails again, and I stopped posting my 365 project images... but I hope to get all caught up this weekend. I always feel better "all caught up" although it rarely happens. I've decided to make myself a big colourful to do list everyday so I can see as I check things off and feel accomplished. Anyway, here's a hurried ten things I love (it was my birthday on the weekend! and I got a new camera :) but actually neither of those things really feature. oops)

1. Pretty, pretty post cards from my penpal Astrid. She has great taste and makes perfect magazine page envelopes. She sent them for my birthday with some tiny paper snowflakes. I took this on the old camera and they turned out a bit blurry.

2. A little heart headband I made for Lola with sequins and felt.  I want to make one for me next!

3. That this gift bag looks like a rabbit.

4. Cinammon hearts

5. Conversation hearts

6. Twinkle Lights (again)

And sadly my computer is toooooo slow and I need to get some sleep!
Stay tuned for a rushed ten  5.5 things part 2
Good night loves xoxo


Tiffany said...

Awesome things!! Can't wait to see the other 5.5 :)

kymberley said...

I like your new header on your blog...and you'll catch up on your comments and emails, its all good. :)
Cute headband btw.