Sunday, January 2, 2011

Myspace in home decor terms

I've been neglecting reading and replying to comments again.... (guilt-ridden face here). That's tomorrow's mission! I just tend to save it because I love it and then don't get to it. Stupid right? You don't have to agree I already know, haha.

Day 2 365 Project
In the process of creating this image, I got a bunch I really love. It makes me happy when a creative vision turns out. I've agreed to participate in a cause which is called Love is Love...I won't link to it yet, it's that new... but it's an anti school bullying campaign/photography project. As a consequence I keep thinking about the theme, so I spelled LOVE with my hands, and painted hearts on my toes.... and well you'll see eventually I'm sure. I've decided this REALLY IS WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!! How great is that? Philanthropy and Art are a super combination. Eeks!

And here is my new space.

And finally, me attempting to photograph my brightly coloured outfit for the day.

haha, oh well. better luck next time.
Love you! xoxox


cuppy said...

YAY !!! You really did frame the card I sent you !!! SQUEE !!!!!! xoxoxoox

Tiffany said...

I love your new space!! And that outfit is so cute!! PS, I love your hair color!
Happy Monday! :)

Elis said...

Your home looks lovely, and I adore your latest photo! I'm really looking forward to seeing these each day! ^_^

Eleanor said...

Your new space looks great! I'm working on re-doing my living room so this is inspiring! :)

Ruth said...

i have a pink parasol almost exactly the same!! your new space looks lovely... what a good fresh start.

you are way more creative already than i was with project 365 - really looking forward to seeing how it goes for you! yep... it is a time hog. but the end result will be incredible if you keep it up like this!