Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I trapped a DOOZER! Wowza!

Also, I want to re-stock my shop in the summer (which I realize is months away, but just ignore that) The point is.... I'm willing to swap for anything in there so I can clean it out and start fresh. I also have somethings that aren't posted so if you see anything on my blog that's swap worthy, lemme know, pretty please. Just email me alovelylittleworld@yahoo.com.
I made a shirt for my friend's husband. Here is his reaction.

This is the shirt.

haha... I miss them a lot.


Teddi said...

that jumping man in t shirt picture rocks

sherixfirefly said...

Okay i need to not sound like a total child here, but i dont think its possible...


I want to love him and keep him and pet him daily.

See, no way to make that sound mature.

Elisse said...

That Doozer is a doozy! Go Fraggle Rock!!!!!