Saturday, January 1, 2011

Full of Ideas.

First, I started Project 365... so here's the day's image.
I titled it When You're Away.
"Have faith, have courage, and never consider the circumstances" - Sarah's Choice

New Year's Eve my mind was so full of ideas for the non-profit organization that I've been dreaming about, which will ultimately shape the direction of this blog and my shop. I hope in the next few months to sell my jewelry and donate a portion of the money back into supplies so I can make items to donate to local causes. For example, my local library is always having penny sales and elf shops to raise funds, so I could donate to that. Or, a Minister I know works for Arctic Missions and he says the Inuit people that he works with love getting southern jewellry. Ultimately, I want to make this bigger.... so it becomes about the beautification of my community and helping families in need. I think sometimes communities just need a morale boost.... and anyway, I'm super excited about this. I just need to keep focused and not find a million other projects to distract me.

I have another good cause I want to talk about tomorrow, but this is already getting super wordy. Also my sweet little cuz did some photos of me today, and I love them so much.... here's a sneak peek...

She got a new strobe light for Christmas and wanted to practice with it, so I volunteered. Here is the link to her blog. Check out her work! 
And I still have shown you my new room!
So many things, and so little time.
To sum up, here are my goals for the New Year. I'm creating a link back to them so I can check on them all the time.

-start the charity
-improve my French
-remember to be thankful all the time
-give more of myself to others
-give more of myself to God, and expect change in myself and the community
-be less afraid! Act! Have faith! Live!
-start an online business under my own domain name
-inspire others instead of always griping
-write and photograph and don't background it, it's what you love
-losing 5 pounds wouldn't hurt either :)

One person can make a difference, and every person must try - J.F. Kennedy

(Oh and I'm resolved to only use my own images on my blog! No more (Other than wishlists or giveaway links, that sorta thing....))


Courtney said...

I LOVE your princess hair! I looks so pretty and amazing.
I hope you have a great time with all your projects- I can't wait to see how they develop.

CAPow! said...

Hey, we started a flickr group for bloggers doing a 365 in 2011, if you're looking for a place to share your project, we would love to have you join us!

Elis said...

Great start on your 365! :) I just finished mine on the 31st, and it's so neat to be able to go back and look through a year's worth of photos. :)
Also, you have some really awesome ideas, and I wish you luck in getting them all started, though I don't think you'll need it--it sounds like you have a good plan and most importantly, the drive to do it. :)
Incidentally, if you ever want any help when you're ready to set up your domain and online business, let me know. I'd love to help you out (pro bono, of course! ^_~).

Kym said...

I can't wait to see how all your projects develop over time...I love the 365 project, if you join on flickr, let me know!

Elisse said...

My new year's resolution is starting a 365 project as well! Good luck with the photos!

And yes, like you I tend to rely on weheartit for my photos - good for you for trying to stick with taking your own :)